well it’s about that time. bags are packed, passport is safe and secure, orientation is almost complete and in a short amount of time i, along with twenty-seven students and three leaders will depart for the middle east.  this adventure will begin in cairo, egypt and end in rome, italy.  in total we will journey across three continents, six (possibly seven) countries in ninety-two days, experience a diverse range of cultures and languages, be stretched well beyond our comfort zone and, what’s most important, have the time of our lives.  often i’m more of visual person and a friend of mine who is going on the trip created a map of our journey. below is the link to this map…i encourage you (whoever YOU may be) to take a look…


before i even came to emu i knew i wanted to participate in emu’s cross-cultural program to the middle east.  now it’s strange to know that the highlight of my undergraduate career is here…just a days journey away.

nervous…a bit

overwhelmed…a little

excited…beyond belief

these past few days i’ve thought about my expectations and discovered they are minimal.  instead, like abraham, i feel called by God to have faith and leave the comforts of my parents home, the security of being a middle-class american college student and the cozy confines of the emu community.

although i cannot promise when and how often i’ll have access to the internet this will be my form of communication to my friends and family back home.

welp…see ya later! 🙂

Peace and Love!