Hello from Cairo!

Well I’ve only been in Egypt for a short amount of time and I feel as though I’ve learned more in these last two days than all the knowledge I’ve acquired in the past twenty-one years of life.  Anyway, I have a short amount of time to convey a lot of information.

To begin: by 10:20am (while YOU were sleeping) the first day I walked around the oldest pyramid in the world; an hour and a half later I climbed inside the ‘second’ pyramid with others from the group where we sang a song; we spent three hours listening to our tour guy Sam inside the Egyptian Museum (my feet hurt); I played several ‘epic games of hearts’ with Sarah, Ellie and Matt; forgot my simcard for my camera at home but am VERY thankful someone had an extra…and I really wish I had my dad’s pedometer to measure the number of miles I will walk this trip.

One photo that summarizes these past two days was one I took at the great pyramid of giza.  Etched onto the limestone was the date ‘1900’.  I was quickly reminded, as I have throughout these past few days, of the expanse of time and cultures. As I’ve come to learn more about the way of life for  Ancient Egyptians through reading hieroglyphics, their society seems more advanced than the first pioneers in America. 

Tomorrow we are traveling to a few mosques than heading to Alexandria, Luxor and Anaphora for the next week. 

Well time is short.  Sarah and I are soon heading to one of the many coffee shops here in Cairo!

Peace and love to those back in the states.  To the one’s who gave me notes to read before I left EMU…THANKS!