Time is short so here are a few entries from my journal:

Mt. Sinai- January 27

Climbing Mt. Sinai was an awe-inspiring experience. After reading Exodus chapters 1-20, the characters and land came alive.  For me, relating to the story of Moses was simple.  He, like I, questioned God and questioned his ability to properly serve God. Although my faith is still lacking, time and time again God has given me the tools and support needed to fulfill his plan for my life.

One part of climbing Mt. Sinai that I really enjoyed was talking with Rebekkah (one of our leaders). Our discussion centered around love, life and happiness.  In hindsight, the climb was difficult and at times all I wanted was to take a break.  The last third of the climb was the worst, yet this was the time in which Rebekkah and I opened up the most. This was a great reminder that when the journey gets difficult one way that helps greatly when one is filled with questions and simply at a loss for words is to be in relation with another.

Wadi Rum, Jordan- January 30

As I gaze out across this tent camp, the sun illuminating all there is to see, I find myself questioning if I’m really in Jordan.  If a map was layed out would I REALLY point to Jordan and say ‘this is where I am’?

Wow…I’m already amazed that as I look back at my time in Cairo, Luxor and even Petra, what stands out for me more than the historical aspect of these sites are the conversations, struggles and laughs that I’ve had along the way.  As I look to the future of my time here in the Middle East, I’m both tired to think of what’s to come and also wishing that this experience will never end.

Riding camels for five hours makes 40 years in the wilderness seem unlivable.  In a way, I recognize why the Israelites complained to Moses.

Fun Facts:

Ellie is my accountability partner..we are better known as JanEllie!

Riding camels when it’s mating season is not the best idea…for instance, my camel really liked Charise’s camel, and her leg for that matter.

Camels hate rain and freak out if it starts to rain, thankfully we got off the camels 15 minutes to the storm.

40% of Jordan’s population is under 15.

And…I seem to really enjoy Nescafe instant coffee.  Ellie and I might just purchase some to remind ourselves of the many mornings that we’ve drank instant coffee.

Well this was short.  Tomorrow we leave for Palestine.  Please pray for safe a safe border crossing! Oh…and again I found a Jordian coffee shop- their caramel frappacino was excellent!

P.S. ‘Lamb Chops’ was the name of my camel!

Peace and Love:)