Hello friends…it’s been a while.

The last couple of weeks have gone by way too quickly and is honestly a blur.  Four of us girls spent our one week of free travel renting a car, staying in a cabin on the sea of galilee, heading down to eliat, snorkeling in the red sea, and having a blast of a week.  Then our group meet back up and spent a week in a convent within the Old City.  Our time here was spent learning about Judaism and exploring the Old City one last time.  Last week we were on a kibbutz performing manual labor (I helped two cows give birth) and hearing lectures.  Now we are in Nazareth.

There is much to tell though I have zero time to share with you now.  I just wanted YOU to know that I had not forgot about my support back home.

This is just a sampling of a post…expect a longer posting in the near future.